XPS Analysis Software

The following links are to software required for XPS data analysis, modelling and simulation.

  • CasaXPS – The software we use at HarwellXPS. Note this is commercial, but a demo version is available. Can also handle Raman, NEXAFS and any other (even irregular step) data such as Solid State NMR or UV-Vis data.
  • Quases-Tougaard – Commercial software by Sven Tougaard for modelling layered and nano-structure spectra
  • Quases-IMFP – Free software by Sven Tougaard for determingin the electron mean free paths
  • NIST Electron Effective Attenuation Length Database – NIST software to determine electron effective attenuation lengths (EALs) in solid elements and compounds
  • NIST Electron Inelastic Mean Free Path Database – NIST software providing IMFPs for use in quantitative XPS and AES surface analyses
  • SESSA – Now free! Software from NIST to synthesise XPS spectra. This is particularly useful for evalulating nanostrucutres and alloys
  • XPSPeak v4.1 – No longer supported, but widely used peak fitting software. Not a feature rich as CasaXPS or similar, but still widely used.
  • KolXPD – Commercial software with time limited trial. Software for spectroscopy data measurement and processing.
  • Unifit for Windows – Software by Dr. Ronald Hesse, can also handle Raman data. This software is commercial but a limited demo version is available.
  • FitYK – for data processing and nonlinear curve fitting of all data types
  • RxpsG – New software written in the scientific programming language R, follow the instructions from the linked paper for its use.
  • COMPRO – XPS and AES data analysis package from the Surface Analysis Society of Japan.

ARXPS Software

Over the years, a great deal of effort has been made in to getting the most out of ARXPS data. Many software packages such as CasaXPS, or those from the instrument manufacturers allow analysis of ARXPS data and reconstruction of depth information.

However, over the years a number of packages, which are still widley used, have been released, but lost in the ever changing face of the internet. It is with this in mind that we link to / provide downloads for such software that users may find useful. Note some of these require older versions of windows or office – we recommend running these in virtual machines which can be configured according to the software requirements.

Matlab Files

We appreciate some people use Matlab for data analysis, below are some additions that we are aware of which may be of use