Photoelectric effect

The fundamental principle behind the XPS process is the existence of the so-called ‘photoelectric effect’, which describes the interaction between matter and radiation pertaining to the electrons within the target atom. Essentially, when radiation with enough energy interacts with an atom, it may remove an electron (emitted electron is called […]

Multiplet splitting of s-orbitals in first row transition metals

Note for below: WordPress does not support underlining characters – so core holes will be described using a bold text-type rather than an underlined text-type. Apologies for the confusion. S-orbitals characteristically exist as single peaks in XPS analysis and indeed, if one were to only analyse principal photoemissions then this […]

026: XPS for Beginners – Fundamentals 6

QUIZ TIME! Let’s play ‘To fit or not to fit!’ The rules of the game are simple, we give you a spectrum (or multiple spectra) and some background behind what information the researcher wanted and you decide whether or not we need to deconvolute/fit the data or if we can […]